Call for Workshops

In preparing for the 2017 Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy we wish to invite all groups concerned with knowledge democracy to convene workshops in which regional papers can be developed, which can then be shared with the Global Assembly Planning Committee for the purpose of helping insure that the planning process is broadly inclusive both in terms of the identification of themes to be addressed in the Assembly and the approaches taken to address the themes. In other words, our intention is for the 1st Global Assembly to itself be an action research process involving cycles of problem identification, reflection and planning, action, and data collection and analysis.

We make this invitation mindful that as a part of the 1997 Conference, preparatory workshops were held in various locations around the world, including seven in Colombia and more than a dozen in other countries.[1] Will the 2017 Global Assembly achieve this rather extraordinary level of participatory convergence? We have no way of knowing, of course. However, not to make the effort would both dishonor the spirit of Orlando’s earlier work with global convergences and miss the opportunity now evident across the globe to connect and reconnect with the variety of new convergences showing such potential for forging post colonial / post-neo-liberal development pathways.

[1] Fals Borda discusses the preparatory workshops on page xiii of his Introduction to People’s participation: Challenges ahead (1998).