Call to Action: The Global Participatory Workshops


Our intention in organizing the 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy is to create a socio-political and culturally diverse space within which concerned people from various parts of the world can meet as a kind of alternative “think tank” that helps point the way towards innovative solutions to global crisis issues by drawing from the wellsprings of knowledge democracy and our shared human capacity to listen to one another. We are interested in the generation of dialogue at the intersections of networks of action researchers, people involved in various participatory forms of analysis and action, and activists working diligently to create an alternative globalization.

As we move towards the June 16 event in Cartagena, we encourage involvement in the evolving organizing of the event. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Convene a Global Participatory Workshop. In preparing for the Assembly we wish to invite all groups concerned with knowledge democracy to convene workshops in which regional papers/videos can be developed and shared with the Global Assembly Planning Group. This is to ensure that the event is multi-vocal regarding perspectives on research and knowledge production and provides space for diverse views on the role of knowledge and sustainability and the relations between knowledge traditions based on respect for ancestors and Mother Earth and those grounded in western traditions. We call for contributions from around the globe regarding the intersections of knowledge, efforts to restore dignity among those marginalized by globalization and various forms of oppression, and social reconciliation initiatives in areas torn apart by violence and socio-political conflict. At present, workshops are being planned in South Africa, Canada, and the US. Discussions about convening workshops are taking place in Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe. For further information on this component of the assembly and on initiating a participatory workshop in conjunction with the Global Assembly, contact Lesley Wood ( or Mary McAteer (
  • Submit ideas for Global Assembly Pre-Conference Events. A number of pre-conference events, including workshops, panels, and inter-cultural experiential learning sessions, will be held in various locations in Cartagena on June 12, 2017. These events are intended to focus attention on the issues that will be addressed at the Global Assembly on June 16. For further information and to get involved with the planning of pre-conference events, contact Christine Edwards-Groves ( or Peter Grootenboer (