Welcome to the Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy

The 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, June 16, 2017. The Global Assembly will address the extent to which epistemological, ideological and political differences can be reconciled in the interest of a sustainable and socially just world. The Global Assembly will address this question in the context of an ecology of knowledges, organized with the intention of initiating a thoughtful and strategic assessment of the politics of knowledge creation and the potential of participatory approaches as alternatives to a monolithic knowledge enterprise based on the domination of the Global North and the marginalization and subordination of other knowledges.

The Global Assembly is a part of ARNA (Action Research Network of the Americas) and the National University of Colombia Gathering “Participation and Democratization of Knowledge: New Convergences for Reconciliation” to be held in Cartagena, Colombia – June 12 – June 16.

The Pre-Global Assembly and Pre-Conference events will be held June 12, 2017

Relevant Links:

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De Sousa Santos on Knowledge Politics

Contribute to the practitioner-researcher e-forum on the Global Assembly

Network Educational Action Research Ireland (NEARI) with Mairin Glenn, Bernie Sullivan, Mary Roche and Caitriona McDonagh

A Pre-Global Assembly workshop on Living Theory Research in an Ecology of Knowledges on the 12th June 2017


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