The Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) created this website in 2016 in conjunction with the organizing of a Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy. The The 1st Assembly was held in Cartagena, Colombia in June of 2017. “Knowledge” is now a web-based forum for scholars, practitioners and engaged citizens committed to honoring the knowledges of marginalized people and the multiple forms in which knowledge is created, valued, and shared. We also are committed to working for epistemic justice by exposing knowledge monopolies and nurturing respect for epistemological diversity, in particular as this work involves action research, participatory action research, and participatory inquiry in general.  

“Knowledge democracy refers to an interrelationship of phenomena. First, it acknowledges the importance of the existence of multiple epistemologies or ways of knowing such as organic, spiritual and land-based systems, frameworks arising from our social movements, and the knowledge of the marginalized or excluded everywhere, or what is sometimes referred to as subaltern knowledge. Secondly it affirms that knowledge is both created and represented in multiple forms including text, image, numbers, story, music, drama, poetry, ceremony, meditation and more. Third, and fundamental to our thinking about knowledge democracy is understanding that knowledge is a powerful tool for taking action to deepen democracy and to struggle for a fairer and healthier world. Knowledge democracy is about intentionally linking values of democracy and action to the process of using knowledge.”

(Budd Hall & Rajesh Tandon, retrieved Aug. 8, 2016, from*

*Many of the pages on this site include references, such as Hall and Tandon above. We have included a page of references under the Resources tab.

Social Solidarity Project

The ARNA Knowledge Democracy team launched a virtual participatory photovoice project aiming to gather counter-narratives to fear-based narratives of distance, separation, and isolation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project ended in September 2020. The photovoice Gallery is still available for viewing. Read more and view submissions here.