ARNA Social Solidarity Project

We are in unprecedented times and there is a narrative around COVID-19 that reigns, which demands increased social distance, isolation, and fear. The idea is that this distance and isolation will lead to individual, community, and national health. This narrative is both rooted in and deeply supportive of a Trump-ist ideology, perpetuating a breakdown of community.

It is against this backdrop and with this goal that we are launching the ARNA Social Solidarity project, to take place completely online, here on the site. We envision this Social Solidarity project as a virtual, participatory photovoice approach to gathering photographic and text-based insights from around the world of how people are experiencing and seeing solidarity every day.

In the midst of a social distancing reality, those of us who make up the Action Research Network of the Americas call for a new narrative, a counter-narrative to the need for increased distance, separation, and isolation. We have seen and experienced an increase in social solidarity that defies distance and reaches over and across intersectional difference. Please submit a picture that, to you, represents social solidarity in times of social distancing, along with a short (1-5 sentences) description of meaning of the photo for you to Please post in whatever language is most relevant in your reality. We will post submissions as soon as we can after they are received.

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Project Leaders: Meagan Call-Cummings, Lonnie Rowell, Melissa Hauber-Özer