Let’s Build a Stronger Global Dialogue on Knowledge Democratization

by Lonnie Rowell, Chair, ARNA Knowledge Democracy Initiative I am participating in this year’s ARNA Conference. The 8th ARNA gathering has been organized by a local team in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with support by the ARNA Executive Committee and Coordinating Group. This year’s conference has featured a fine array of projects mostly from Latin America…

Participatory Action Research in Action: An Interview with Marcos Guevara Berger

Blog by Lonnie Rowell, Rio Rancho, New Mexico Participatory action research (PAR) has long been at the leading edge of knowledge democratization efforts. Tracing its origins to “relationships forged between social movements and politically progressive intellectuals in the Third World and the margins of the developed world in the 1960s and 1970s” (Rappaport, 2020, xvii),…

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