The 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy 2017

The 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy was held at the Cartagena Convention Center Gran Salon Barahona in Cartagena, Colombia, on June 16, 2017. A full overview of the event, including videos of addresses and working sessions, is provided below.

Overview of the Assembly

Greetings (8:30 am): Dr. Lonnie Rowell greeted participants and provided brief comments about the purpose of the meeting.

Welcome (8:50 am): Dr. Rajesh Tandon offered opening comments and reflections about the need for democratic knowledge production.

Message (9:00 am): Dr. Budd Hall delivered a brief message and video entitled “Confluence at the Source of the Nile” from a recent gathering in Uganda.

Keynote Address (9:17 am): Dr. Boaventura de Sousa Santos gave the keynote address (in Spanish).

Assembly Working Sessions 1 & 2 (10:30 am): Following the keynote, participants worked in groups to discuss the following questions: Who are we as individuals? and Who are we together?

Assembly Working Session 3 and Closing (2:45 pm): The afternoon session built on morning discussions to imagine possibilities for moving forward and mobilizing for democratic knowledge production around the question Where do we go from here?