The Nordic Network for Action Research Pre-Conference Workshop

Göteborgs Universitet

Karin Rönnerman

A workshop was held when the Nordic Network for Action Research held their meeting prior to the the NERA-conference (Nordic Educational Research Association) in Copenhagen on March 22, 2017. 16 participants from different universities in Sweden and Norway participated in this workshop. All participants were divided into four academic mixed groups (professors, associate professors, doctors, doctoral candidates). One hour was given for the dialogue around the questions suggested from Lesley Wood and Mary Cateerm plus additional questions concerning specific roots for knowledge democracy in the Nordic countries and whether action research would contribute to knowledge democracy. The questions were translated into Swedish and the dialogues were held in the Swedish and Norwegian languages intertwined.  Notes were given back to the organiser in Swedish. In the following sections the notes are translated into English and summarised in different themes.

You can read the full report here: Rönnerman, workshop prior to GAKD

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