Mongolia Regional Pre-Conference Workshop

The first regional workshop of the Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy was held at the Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) on April 14, 2017. The workshop sought to answer the question: How does action research methodology advance democratization of education in Mongolia? All the presenters will attend the Assembly virtually, and a total of … Continue reading Mongolia Regional Pre-Conference Workshop

Francophone Pre-Conference Workshop

Participants from 18 Francophone countries strategize on how they could democratise knowledge through this project: "We are a group of young and not so young men and women from Quebec, Haiti and 18 francophone countries in Africa. We number more than 3000, engaged in different ways in the action research project SOHA whose full title … Continue reading Francophone Pre-Conference Workshop

Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum

Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum Undoing Cognitive Damage Discomfort with the inappropriateness of university curricula has met with increasing calls for disruptive actions to revitalise higher education. This book, conceived to envision an alternative emancipatory curriculum, explores the historical, ideological, philosophical and theoretical domains of higher education curricula. The authors acknowledge that universities have been and … Continue reading Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum

Knowledge and Change in African Universities

African Higher Education: Developments and Perspectives Knowledge and Change in African Universities A major contention in the book is that African excellence should be measured against its own uniqueness as universities in Africa exhibit competitive knowledge processes on a global scale without losing the critical international dimensions The book holds that decolonisation as change of … Continue reading Knowledge and Change in African Universities