Initial Analysis of Some of the Participatory Workshops

Please note – this analysis is an initial attempt at overview, and because of the date of receipt of some of the workshop reports, they may not, as yet, have been considered in this paper.  All reports to date though are on the website.

Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy

Pre-event Workshops, Spring 2017-06-02

On June 16th 2017, the First Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy (GAKD) will take place in Cartagena, Colombia.  This will be the final day of a 5 day gathering which includes pre-conference events, the ARNA conference (in partnership with  the National University of Colombia/Nacional Universidad De Colombia, and supported by sponsors and affiliates across the globe).  The events of the day will focus on the question: To what extent can epistemological, ideological and political differences be reconciled in the interest of a sustainable and socially just world?

The rest of the report ca be found here  Overview Report of workshops_GAKD

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